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Teilnahmemöglichkeit an "Engineering Ethics"

12.04.2021 | 12:30

Am 12. April beginnt die Veranstaltung "Engineering Ethics" im Rahmen des Begleitstudiums SuK. Diese findet montags von 12.30 bis 14.00 Uhr in englischer Sprache statt. Für interessierte Promovierende und Studierende der h_da und der EUt+  steht die Veranstaltung offen teilzunehmen. Bei Interesse einfach kurze Mail an

Thema der Veranstaltung ist:

Engineering Ethics

Engineers design the technical hardware in which we humans live. Computer scientists develop the software. Together, hard- and software largely determine how everyday life will be organized for each individual or society as a whole in the future. Technological developments do not always run in a direction that can be seen as unambiguously and exclusively positive. The diesel scandal is an extreme example of this. How should we decide when there is a trade-off between turnover and responsibility? For example, computer games are given to juvenile players for little money, but the games contain a variety of (inside) payment options to improve the players' chances of success. Furthermore, there is a potential for addiction built into the game. Is that ethical programming or product design? Who is responsible? How to take responsibility?

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