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Teilnahmemöglichkeit an "Introduction to Technology Assessment"

15.04.2021 | 12:00

Am 15. April beginnt die Veranstaltung "Introduction to Technology Assessment" im Rahmen des Begleitstudiums SuK. Diese findet montags von 12.00 bis 13.30 Uhr in englischer Sprache statt. Für interessierte Promovierende und Studierende der h_da und der EUt+  steht die Veranstaltung offen teilzunehmen. Bei Interesse einfach kurze Mail an

Thema der Veranstaltung ist:

Introduction to Technology Assessment

Techniques and technologies are created by developers, engineers, computer scientists or technicians. They have to be functional in order to make our everyday lives easier. In addition to the desired consequences of simplifying everyday life, there are usually side effects: (De-)qualification, resource consumption, waste and residual materials, emissions, etc. Against the requirements of sustainable development, the focus is increasingly on these unintended side effects. At the same time, we see a variety of contradictory requirements and expectations. These are reflected in different values, which is evident in the energy and mobility transition and is even reflected in the daily press.

How can these contradictions be explained? Where do they come from? Are they justified, or merely the result of inadequate communication and thus rather an expression of misunderstandings?

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