Basic course of a doctorate

The process of a doctorate at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences follows a distinct pattern. In principle, this is independent of whether it is a cooperative programme and with which cooperating partner university, or whether it is a doctorate at one of the doctoral centres. In the process, several phases can be distinguished.

Process schemes and phases

  • Degree (usually a Master's degree)
  • Idea for scientific work
  • Information on doctorates at the h_da
  • Registration at the Graduate School Darmstadt
  • Preparation of an outline of doctoral project
  • Attendance of introductory events
  • Deciding on the type and path of the doctorate
  • Search for supervision at h_da
  • Preparation of the doctoral research proposal
  • Search for a supervisor at the partner university (if necessary)
  • Conclusion of a supervision agreement
  • Application and submission of the application for acceptance
  • Acceptance as a doctoral candidate
  • Scientific work
  •  Writing the dissertation
  •  Accompanying doctoral studies
  •  Progress reporting
  •  If applicable, interim report or transfer or confirmation examination
  • Submission of the thesis
  • Oral examination or defence
  • Award of the doctoral degree
  • Publication of the dissertation
  • Carrying of the doctoral degree