Resources for doctoral students

To support academic work, Hochschule Darmstadt offers a wide range of advice and training as well as support tools suitable for the individual task at hand.


Registered doctoral students can perform various tasks online in the self-service portal at with their h_da user account. 

The library regularly offers introductions to library use, especially to registration, borrowing and catalogue use, as well as information and guidance on literature research and library services.

Through enrolment, doctoral students gain access to the library of Hochschule Darmstadt and can use its service offer.

For the use of the University and State Library Darmstadt, the applicable library card can be applied for online.

For literature management, the library of Hochschule Darmstadt offers professors, students, doctoral candidates and staff the literature management software Citavi.

The Hessenbox as a cloud solution especially designed for the Hessian universities and implemented under data protection aspects. It facilitates:

  •     Automatic exchanging and synchronizing of data between different end devices,
  •     data sharing with external third parties via an Internet link,
  •     granting access to the system for external users by invitation and assigning read or read and write permissions for folders,
  •     editing of documents online in OnlyOffice in the web browser.

The storage space includes up to 100 GB. Access to the Hessenbox is available on the  Hessenbox Webpage. There, please select Hochschule Darmstadt from the drop-down list. An h_da account is required for registration and usage.

For web conferences BigBlueButton is available. It is suitable for events, joint chats and as a virtual learning space. Access is available at

An h_da user ID is required for access.

The Darmstadt Institut für Statistik & Operations Research (DISO) The Darmstadt Institute for Statistics & Operations Research (DISO) at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Hochschule Darmstadt is the university contact point for statistics and operations research. Statistical and methodological consulting services are offered
- for research projects
- for theses (Bachelor, Master, PhD/PhD),
- on the use of statistical or OR methods,
- for experimental design, evaluation and presentation.
Courses and seminars on the use of statistical methods are offered regularly and on demand, as well as statistics and OR consultation hours.

The student trainer pool of Hochschule Darmstadt offers training for students to support the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills, digitalisation and a writing workshop.

For support with questions in the field of mathematics, the additional offer MatheFit of Hochschule Darmstadt is available.

The Language Center at Hochschule Darmstadt is open to all students and provides support in acquiring language and intercultural skills. Language courses are offered on a regular basis as well as advice on questions regarding the acquisition of certificates for the English language.

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences' repository h_docs offers its members the possibility of Open Access Publication of electronic full texts, disserations and research data.