5.3. Open workshop for doctoral students

On Friday, 5. March 2021, the next open workshop for PhD students will take place online in BBB in D…


12.3. Research Data Management

On Frday, 12. March 2021, at 12.30 Uhr, online in BBB in D22/0.09 a workshop on Research Data…


12.4. Information session: "Doing a doctorate at h_da"

On Thursday, 12. April, at 16.00 Uhr online in BBB in D22/0.09 , there will be an information…

C3 - building

Graduate School Darmstadt (GSD)

The Graduate School of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is the h_da's central point of contact for all aspects of doctoral studies. The GSD offers a broad range of support for all doctoral candidates and doctoral researchers, supervising professors as well as for the departments, institutes and divisions of  h_da, the cooperative platforms, the doctoral centres and all cooperation partners.


Additional Information


Frau Dr. Janina Fengel


Consultation hours

  • without appointment mondays to wednesdays from 9.00 to 10.00 Uhr by chat or by phone under 06151 16 39458

  • to make an appointment or arrange a web conference, send a request to

Frau Petra Klitzsch-Held