Doctoral phase

After planning and preparing the doctoral project, the doctoral phase begins. The actual doctoral phase begins with the official acceptance as a doctoral candidate by the title-awarding institution.

Doctoral phases

The next step after receiving the binding confirmation of the supervisors to ensure academic academic supervision at h_da and, if applicable, supervision at the partner university, is to submit an application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate. The application can be submitted to and administratively processed by the Graduate School regardless of the type of doctorate.

The application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate must be submitted before work on the doctoral topic is started. For processing and submission, the Graduate School is available to answer any questions in this regard. After acceptance, the doctoral phase commences. Now the scientific work on the doctoral topic can be taken up and the preparation of the dissertation can begin.

From the time of acceptance, matriculation as a doctoral candidate can be undertaken.

Throughout the doctoral phase, the Graduate School offers accompanying doctoral studies and the use of the given resources as individually needed. The administrative processing of enrolment, re-registration and progress reporting at the h_da and, if applicable, also at the partner university can be carried out locally at the Graduate School.

The dissertation documents the independent academic work on the doctoral topic. Usually, it is a monographic, self-contained treatise on a research topic written in accordance with the principles of good scientific practice (Grundsätze guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis).

After acceptance of the dissertation, the oral examination or defence of the thesis follows. After the dissertation has been positively assessed and the oral examination has been passed, the dissertation is to be published as one of the doctoral achievements. After all doctoral achievements have been completed, the doctoral certificate is handed over.