Study offer

The programme leads through the entire doctoral process in its different phases and includes various topics to teach extradisciplinary competences and skills. The courses focus on research methods, expertise in research management and entrepreneurship as well as on academic work, academic research and academic writing, manuscript development and academic publishing. Additional events on specific topics and specialisations or language certifications and preparations for disputation or Viva Voce are organised as needed.

Course of studies

For the preparation stage of a doctorate, support is offered for the development of the doctoral research project and courses for the introduction to academic work:

  • Development of a doctoral resesarch project
  • Academic propaedeutic course
  • Academic research
  • Academic writing
  • Exposé workshop

For the beginning of the doctoral phase, courses are offered to deepen and expand methodological competences:

  • Methodological Propaedeutic
  • Introduction to Sustainability Sciences
  • Research Methods
  • Modelling and analysis of academic data
  • Methods workshop

To support the research work as well as general issues in the field of research and development for the simultaneous acquisition of competences for the later career are offered:

  • Research project management
  • Dissemination of research results
  • Research data management
  • Use of research results
  • Academic English and Research Writing
  • Advanced workshop

For support and as an offer of a academic environment, the Graduate School offers open workshops and doctoral seminars:

  • Multidisciplinary Doctoral Colloquium
  • Open workshop for doctoral students
  • Writing workshop
  • Manuscript workshop
  • Research workshop